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You laugh, you cry, no one knows why
My name is Kurt Hummel and I am in the city that never sleeps living out a reality I never thought would be possible. I am in in love with my teenage dream, Blaine Anderson. This may not be what my original dream looked like but I honestly couldn't have asked for anything more.

I promise you one day you will be wearing my name on your clothes.

Just a RP blog. I am not connected with Glee, Chris Colfer, Ryan Murphy or Glee in anyway. I own nothing

My Forever Book <3 // The protagonist in disguise // <

Kurt and Blaine had moved in just over two months ago and so far the only room that was completed was the bedroom. The bungalow only had the stuff that was left behind from Blaine’s grandparents back when they lived in the space. While the placed looked amazing as it was it just wasn’t.. them. It didn’t feel like himself and Blaine and after two months they decided it was time to change that.

Blaine: Our bed should be your quest to Mordor.
Kurt: Didn't Frodo like lose a finger or something?
Blaine: At least I don't venture into the dirtiest places of Urban Dictionary.
Blaine: Baby, come home.
Kurt: Yeah.. don't do that. Ever.
Kurt: Babe, I'm in the kitchen.
Blaine: Their word of the day program has actually changed my life.. and my vocabulary.
Kurt: I refuse to look up half of what you say. I fear for my life with some of the slang that now leaves your mouth...
Blaine: Maybe when I finish it. I have to start it first.
Blaine: Just call me a pusher.
Blaine: .. I just looked that up in Urban dictionary. Don't call me that.
Kurt: :)
Kurt: I knew I shouldn't have showed you that site...
Blaine: Your one strange man.... that sounds like a killer book.
Blaine: Can I push the cart?
Kurt: Am I going to get to read this one? :)
Kurt: You'd steal it from me either way, babe. You always push the cart <3
Blaine: A) Because Kurt. Just because. B) It's the only thing I eat that's actually all that unhealthy. My body is a temple and I like fruits and vegetables as much as the next guy, but give me my saturday morning cereal and cartoons.
Kurt: You go through almost an entire box every time you eat any of it. It's just.. I don't understand. You are one strange man, Anderson.
Kurt: But we really do need to go shopping.. I have my breakfast for tomorrow all set to go but I didn't realize we were out of food..
Blaine: We're out of captain crunch. I repeat: we are out of captain crunch.
Kurt: ... Are you going to buy six boxes of it again?
Kurt: I don't understand how you can eat so much of that stuff.
Kurt: We need to go shopping soon.
Kurt: We only have water, pineapple and spinach in the fridge.
Kurt: Do either of us even eat pineapple? Why do we have that?


Dear Followers,

I know you were a fan of my first RP with Blainers, here. Thus, me and Stella-darling, my lovely Kurt from previous will be continuing the original RP after a time skip as a 1X1. 

To catch you up

  • Blaine is diagnosed with psychotic depression, or manic bipolar.
  • Kurt is diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa, some form of PTSD after a previous sexual assault.
  • Blaine did cheat on Kurt during a needy low, but after much hard work, he won Kurt back, but not necessarily his full trust
  • Blaine was accepted into Tisch Acting School
  • Kurt gave up his work at Vogue to come home in order to start recovery. 
  • Blaine’s beloved dog, Walter, dies.
  • Kurt’s rapist is going to trial, and Kurt was called to ask to testify.
  • Blaine and Kurt confessed that they were still very much in love with one another.
  • Blaine does not and will not buy a wedding ring for a long time
  • Rachel’s fathers are engaged and want to get married, ASAP. 

This catches us up to the point before the time skip

After the time skip:

  • Blaine is graduated and has just moved in with Kurt in New York. He starts school in two months. They’re sharing their own place as Rachel has moved out to be with Finn in Ohio
  • Rachel’s fathers are getting married in New York City in a matter of days.
  • Both Blaine and Kurt are receiving treatment for their issues.
  • They go to couples’ counseling with a woman named Charlotte, who merely prepares them on how to deal with one another’s problems, lows, highs, spells and fits. This has only strengthen their relationships. 
  • Blaine and Kurt are still absolutely crazy about one another. 
  • Start time: July 9th.
  • Berry Wedding: July 22nd.

Please, please, please like this if you are a loyal follower from the first rp and would like to see the time skip.

We love you all, and we can’t wait to get started.